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I welcome your input. Let me know how I can improve (For my fellow triathletes: is in the works. Be patient.)

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Suki’s Starbuck Crew (from left to right): Phil, Rick, Bill, Gaby, Patrick, Suki! (holding the birthday cake), Angelo, Linda, Bruce, Kevin, and Steve

Change Log

Note: Some users have reported getting Google Map API authorization key errors. Apparently this is known problem on the Google Map forums and Google is working to resolve it. In the meantime, the recommendation on the forums is “try downloading the webpage again”. Try refreshing your page and/or clicking the Choose File button again.

May 18 2018: Fixed a problem reading in .tcx files exported from FitBit (as reported by user Sam). Fixed a bug with fastest segment calculations if your run was EXACTLY 5K (or 10K or 15K)...

Jan 8 2018: Added ‘Fastest 15K’ on Graphs tab (as requested by user Daizie.)

July 5 2016: Added Pace vs Distance overlays to the Trends take (as requested by user Karlwim). Stay tuned for Heart Rate overlays.

June 19 2016: Found and fixed an especially pernicious bug when loading files with duplicate dates in the Trends tab. 

June 17 2016: Added fastest 10K, 1/2 marathon, and marathon splits (as requested by user Fernando).

Mar 28 2016: Added average pace colored mile/km markers to the map.

Mar 27 2016: If available, the weather summary now shows the relevant information at the time which corresponds to the beginning of your run rather than an average for the entire day at the request of user Cameron. (If the summary says “At such-and-such time on such-and-such day” it’s specific to your start time. If it only says “On such-and-such day…” then is the daily average.)

Mar 26 2016: Added the ability customize heart rate zones at the request of user Sebastien.

Mar 21 2016: Pace vs Cadence and Pace vs Heart Rate from the Analyze tab are now correctly labeled if metric units are selected from the Customize tab.

Nov 12 2015: Eliminated those pesky alert boxes on the Graph tab. (Sorry about that. I fixed the problem weeks ago but never uploaded the fixed code… Oops.)

Aug 22 2015: Fixed a parsing bug which was dropping the first mile from .tcx files. Also, Garmin is once again exporting elevation data.

July 6 2015: Corrected an error which prevented customized pace zones from being saved.

May 17 2015: Corrected mislabelled Cadence and Heart Rate columns in the Graph Tab.

May 7 2015: Garmin stopped exporting elevation data in their .gpx and .tcx files in March. Strange. Older files still work fine but elevation data is used by GraphMyRun to figure Grade, Calorie, and Power data… In the short term, you can use Strava to export .gpx files to use with GraphMyRun.

Feb 23 2015: Corrected stride length calculation on the Analysis tab to account for new definition of cadence made on Feb 10th.

Feb 19 2015: Added 2 and 5 option (in either mile or km) to the splits button on the Graph tab at the request of user Jason. Added time per split in the Summary table on the Graph tab.

Feb 16 2015: Clicking and dragging in the Graph tab to zoom in on selected data now excludes data points above or below the selected area. (Use this feature to exclude walk breaks/auto pauses from your pace average.)

Feb 10 2015: Updated Cadence to mean “number of steps taken” and altered the graphs to be consistent.

Feb 3 2015: Changed Stride Length vs. Grade least squares fit to percentage on the Analysis Tab.

Jan 30 2015: Added Stride Length vs. Grade on the Analysis Tab.

Jan 29 2015: Corrected an error that prevented the Ave. Cadence from updating upon zooming out.

Jan 10 2015: Corrected a logic error affecting some Analysis tab graphs where the least squares fit line included data not shown on the graph.

Jan 7 2015: Improved the .tcx parser so that it works with files that may be missing some <position> data.

Dec 31 2014: Added support for metric units at the request of user Sebastien. Choose imperial or metric units from the Customize tab.

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